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Welcome to Kvitsøy

Kvitsøy County is happy to have you as a visitor on this homepage. We are unfortunately not able to give you a complete translation of our homepage, but we hope you will enjoy reading some of the interesting things about the Island of Kvitsøy here.

Kvitsøy consists of 365 small islands and rocks jutting out of the ocean, at least at low tide! Five of these islands are connected by bridges.
Kvitsøy, "perle i havet", the "pearl in the ocean" as we like to call our island, has an area of not more than 5.7 square kilometers, and is with that Norway’s smallest county in area. There are, however, four counties which have fewer inhabitants than Kvitsøy. The number of inhabitants on the island has risen from 500 to almost 550 in the last five years. In other words, Kvitsøy is a very popular county. Besides more than 200 residential homes there are around 120 cottages in Kvitsøy.


  • Kvitsøy kommune
  • Kommunehusvn. 6
  • 4180 Kvitsøy
+47 51 73 63 00
964 979 634


Viktige telefonnummer

  • Brann - 110
  • Politi - 112
  • Øyeblikkelig medisinsk nødhjelp - 113
  • Legevakt - 116117
  • Veterinærvakt
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