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About Kvitsøy municipality

Norwegian counties and their services are organized differently from those in most English-speaking countries.

Counties in Norway are responsible for most of the public services offered in their county. Kvitsøy County therefore runs its own school (first to tenth grade, approx. 80 students and 12 teachers) and a day-care center with about 30 children. The county also has its own physician, physiotherapists and a children’s nurse. In the county there is a public nursing home, a public library and a municipal engineering team responsible for area-planning, building questions and the maintenance of the municipal buildings. Kvitsøy County has a working force of around 75 highly qualified people! The people employed in the "kommunehus" (the Town Hall) are for the most part residents of Kvitsøy.

Quality rather than quantity – farming in Kvitsøy
The Kvitsøy method of producing lamb is famous throughout the Stavanger region. The meat is known for its excellent quality due to the existence of salty water in the lambs’ food. It therefore gets a far better price than "normal" lamb does! Milk is another of the farming products Kvitsøy produces.

Lobster research and fishery
Kvitsøy is of course known for its fishery, though this industry has lost some of its importance in later years. Today large amounts of crab are caught in the area, and in the lobster season quite a bit of lobster. Lobster is to a certain extent an informal trademark of Kvitsøy. There has been lobster research and lobster fishing for more than one hundred years in Kvitsøy! Today Kvitsøy has become the world’s first commercial lobster-breeders and there is a really interesting lobster museum in a part of the island called "Grøningen".

Trade and industry
Kvitsøy is proud of its handicraft traditions. One shipyard here builds small fishing boats, one building company has developed into a large company with almost 50 employees in the Stavanger area and by the ferry-harbor there is a factory that makes doors and windows. Gaskets for the oil industry are also produced in a specialized factory in Kvitsøy. In addition there are artists and artisans who enrich life on the island.


  • Kvitsøy kommune
  • Kommunehusvn. 6
  • 4180 Kvitsøy
+47 51 73 63 00
964 979 634


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  • Brann - 110
  • Politi - 112
  • Øyeblikkelig medisinsk nødhjelp - 113
  • Legevakt - 116117
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