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The lighthouse and the traffic center
The lighthouse in Kvitsøy is widely known and is one of the oldest of its kind in Norway. Next to the lighthouse a new "ocean traffic center" was opened in the year 2000. The whole coast of south-west Norway is supervised by radar from this center. The center also provides the naval pilots for the whole region.

Christianity in Kvitsøy
The Protestant Church in Kvitsøy was built in the 16th Century. It is a small but beautiful wooden church. In the part of the island called "Leiasundet" there is an ancient stone cross, 4 meters high and most likely more than one thousand years old.

With middle- and shortwave to the whole world
In the north-east of Kvitsøy you can see a big radio tower. BBC, among others, sends radio-broadcasts to the whole world from here. The radio tower was built here in the 1970s with the co-operation of a large German company.

In a part of the island called "Grøningen" you can vsit the interesting lobster museum.


  • Kvitsøy kommune
  • Kommunehusvn. 6
  • 4180 Kvitsøy
+47 51 73 63 00
964 979 634


Viktige telefonnummer

  • Brann - 110
  • Politi - 112
  • Øyeblikkelig medisinsk nødhjelp - 113
  • Legevakt - 116117
  • Veterinærvakt
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