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Tourist at Kvitsøy

Swimming and beaches
You can actually swim anywhere on Kvitsøy. However, two beaches are especially recommended: one of them is right by the ferry-harbor, "Sandrenna", the other one is close to the Lobster Museum, "Grøningen".

You can go for a walk anywhere on Kvitsøy roads, but there is also  designated paths - the longest goes from Ydstebøhavn on the west coast of Kvitsøy. This walk takes about 45 minutes and is especially recommended!

In the old center Ydstebøhavn you can find a small grocery store with everything you need. Well, maybe not everything, but most of what’s needed in daily life is offered. During summer there are also a small shop and gallery in Ydstebøhavn where you can buy gift- and art items, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Kvitsøy by boat
Kvitsøy is an Eldorado for boat tourists. Every year more than 1000 big and small yachts visit Kvitsøy.

Harbours and quays

  • "Gamlekaien i Ydstebøhavn" - the "old quay in Ydstebøhavn". Here you will find a place to moor your boat, and you will have access to electricity, showers and washing machines. In the summer it can get a bit crowded, a lot of people want to visit Kvitsøy.
  • Rossøy – a visitor’s harbor across from the old quay in Ydstebøhavn.
  • Sandrenna - a visitor’s harbor in "Hønsavika", close to the ferry harbor. In addition there are numerous natural harbors. Whoever searches will find!


  • Kvitsøy kommune
  • Kommunehusvn. 6
  • 4180 Kvitsøy
+47 51 73 63 00
964 979 634


Viktige telefonnummer

  • Brann - 110
  • Politi - 112
  • Øyeblikkelig medisinsk nødhjelp - 113
  • Legevakt - 116117
  • Veterinærvakt
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